Chiropractic....for Monkeys

The Mesker Park zoo in Evansville Indiana is home to a myriad of animals including a lively troop of Colobus Monkeys. These monkeys come from central Africa where they live in groups and are known for their beautiful, long black and white tails. Evolutionarily speaking Colobus monkeys share almost all of our DNA, in fact we share the same suborder (anthropoidea).

When the zoos 17 year old Colobus K. J. was seen having difficulty getting around they knew something had to be done. Much like when treating humans with issues getting around the health care providers turned to modern medicine and used stem cells, chiropractic adjustments and cold laser therapy to get the monkey back into the trees with his newborn offspring.

Okay this is a silly story to be sure but the moral is simple: Chiropractic works. At Bellingham Bay Chiropractic we utilize both chiropractic adjustments and cold laser therapy to help people return to optimal health quickly. Chiropractic really shines when it comes to pain relief because it helps people understand the root causes of their pain and how their daily habits may be negatively affecting their health.

In actuality there are many chiropractors that specialize in treating animals including horses, dogs and other pets. Top athletic horses that run in races like the Belmont Stakes and Kentucky Derby get regular chiropractic adjustments to move and feel their best. The principles behind chiropractic for animals is the same as for humans. Parts of the spine are not functioning or moving correctly leading to pain and further dysfunction. Quick, painless adjustments from a trained chiropractor change the way in which the brain and the body interact, decreasing pain, muscle tension and improving function.

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