Updated: Feb 5

What were you doing last weekend?

Most likely you were doing something you enjoy like being with your family, watching a movie, going to the farmer’s market or getting out into the woods before the major rains hit. These are reasonable choices, fun choices. Probably you should add a little more exercise and a little less sugar, but I understand.

While you were enjoying your weekend past times, yours truly was running. Okay, okay in actuality I was mostly walking…uphill. Several months ago, a good friend signed up for the Whistler Alpine Meadows 110 km race in Whistler and signed me up for the Whistler Ascent race as a challenge. I had no choice but to accept the challenge, and despite my lack of appropriate training I finished the dang thing! The day was a great one, cloudy in the morning in the 50’s, and the clouds dissipated by the time I finally trudged past the finish line.

Dr. Beamer at the finish line!

For those of you who do not have your finger on the pulse of the NW trail running calendar, the Whistler Alpine Meadows is an extremely fun and well run event (type 2 fun of course). They offer a 25km, 55km, 110km, 100 mile and this year for the first time an Ascent Race. The ascent race covers 3.5 miles of terrain on the new Blackcomb Ascent Trail (of which the 3 sections are appropriately named: little burn, big burn and heart burn). The trail climbs 4000ft to the Rendezvous Lodge at the top of the Blackcomb Gondola where the finish line was set up, views included. The trail itself is a challenge for hikers, with so much elevation, and quite a few stairs along the way. I did happen to notice quite a few old growth trees and mushrooms along the route, though I was mostly in a fog of pure exertion.

If you are looking for a challenge next year or need some tips on training on hills come in and chat

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